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O/L/I/V/E/R (english version)

Premise: I received several requests for the publication of some articles in English. I try, premising my not excellent translation skills. happy reading, people of the world.


The title makes you tremble.

I tremble.

They tremble.

You would tremble.

I’m afraid.

They fear them.

You would fear.

I row.

They row them.

You would row.

Come on, before writing, let me play a little with words. There are so many words in the world that it is a big job to choose the right ones, the ones to put close to each other, here, for you. In these lines one next to the other. Of you. What could I take to get as close as possible to what I would like to draw here? Draw about you? Draw for you? Draw with you?

Heart. I’ll take this.

Hug. I put this on.

I smiled. All right.

Tears. Yes.

Anger. It fits.

Dreams. Mashed potato.

Care. Yes.

Distance. Already.

Hands. Yes.

Glances. Also.

Trust. Yes.

Steps. Beautiful.

Attachment. I would say yes.

Hope. Always.

Secrets. Yes.

Lies. Also.

Love. Obvious.

Hold. Yes.

Abandonment. Already.

Fear. Yes.

Pope. Put it.

Mistakes. Obvious.

Justice. Yes.

Lack. Tanta.

Gift. Yes.

Angel. Yes.

Mine. Yes.

You. Yes.

I. Yes.

Your. Yes.

Our. Mass.

Their. Mass.

Sea. Yes.

Walls. Already.

I write because you are missing.

There are still no answers. It still lacks understanding. I still need to tell you the truth.

Missing for you.

Missing because I would not have protected you by telling the truth immediately. Missing because you came first. Come on first. Before even the truth. Missing because I preferred to protect you.

You won’t always need to be protected. You will not be in danger forever.

You will be strong one day.

You will be safe.

You will be able to stand alone.

That day will come.

That moment will come.

The truth will come with him.

It will come when the collapse of the supporter now will not determine your collapse.

It will come when words make them fall and not you.

It will come because the truth must always come.

As I wait I write to you. I occasionally send messages for you do you know?

As I wait, I think of you. Sometimes I ask about you, you know?

While I wait I miss you. Every now and then I meet you do you know?

As I wait, I embrace you. Sometimes I would like to do more you know?

You were missing the wedding. But I invited you.

You were missing many times. But not for my will.

I write because you are not a private property. I write because my thoughts are not. I write because that’s right.

I write and wait. You. The truth. Justice. Your smile.

I write and imagine their face and their comments. I write and laugh about it. I write and enjoy a long series of truths that I have to say and that I am in no hurry to do.

I have plenty of time for the truth.

Unfortunately all this time that I lose of you will not return. And they will pay for it. I promise puppy. They will pay us. Good wait my little one.


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